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Dec 17, 2012 7:00pm EST
. newton, connecticut. >> 18 more children, 6 adults still to be eulogized. >>> speaker of the house met with president obama to discuss the fiscal cliff. the two trying to close on a deal. agreeing to a higher tax rate on the wealthiest americans and an automatic extension of the federal debt limit. this is the third meeting in the past 8 days. the gop wants to see reform to entitlement programs like social security, medicare and immediate day cade. joining us to talk more is john delaney, who represents the state's new district 7 come january. congratulations. >> thank you, bruce. >> as an incoming freshman, how much clout will you have as you go into the room with the heavy weights. >> i think the country is interested in solutionses to the problems and looking for ideas and my sense is even as a freshman you can make a big difference. >> do you think they'll have a deal by the end of the year? >> i tend to be an optimist, so i think we will have a deal. i think there's a lot ofmomentum. i think we've seen good progress in the last couple of days. i think people understand the stakes
Dec 18, 2012 7:00pm EST
as most schools in newtown, connecticut, reopen today, one elementary school was kept closed because of some sort of threat. not sandy hook elementary but yet another school. a principal told parents to keep their kids home. tonight in newtown, families are holding wakes for several victims of last friday's shooting at sandy hook. today two more 6-year-olds were laid to rest. >>> not so long ago, national rifle association broke its silence regarding the newtown massacre. in a statement it released, it said the members were shocked and saddened and heartbroken by the news of the horrific and senseless murders. it also said they wanted to give the families time to mourn before speaking out. the nra pledges to make sure this never happens again and it is going to hold a news conference on friday. >>> dick's sporting goods stopped selling assault weapons and wal-mart pulled the bush master assault rifle, the gun used in newtown. other gun dealers are seeing a surge in sales. >> reporter: assault rifles are flying off the shelves here. more than three million americans own an ar-15, the
Dec 5, 2012 7:00pm EST
. dave brubeck passed away this morning in connecticut. he was 91. >>> still to come tonight, it may be great for the pandas at national zoo but not so great for your backyard, a look at 1 community's battle against bamboo -- one community's battle against bamboo. >> we lost about 12 degrees today in, store for a cold night. we'll look ahead to the weekend, all important redskins/ravens game. >> but first the buzz at verizon center, a look what the folks are saying about who was courtside last night. that story is up next. >>> check out the comradery at the end of the wizards shocking win over the miami heat last night. redskins qb rg3 sitting courtside offering up handshakes and chest bumps with the basketballers after the 105- 101 upset and right of that social media just went wild. dan steinberg from the post wrote rg3 to all the games for every team. a fan named greg posted rg3 magic is something else. wizards beat the heat with him courtside and i may have even weighed in with rg3 in the busy hizzy brought the wizards good luck. i don't think he'll come to every game, though. follo
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3